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Pokemon Plush Wants List

About my Collection: For my Pokemon Plush collection, I'm looking mostly for plush that have a nice balance between accuracy and cuteness. I wish I could say that one company does this the best, but it really seems to depend on the Pokemon, how big the plush is, etc. Anyway! Here are the Pokemon plush I'm trying to track down. PM me or comment if you have one and would like to help me check them off the list. Also, I don't have a preference if there are US vs Japanese versions of the same plush, as long as they actually are the same.

Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures I used for this, I just pulled them off google so there would be a visual next to my descriptions.

Here's a fun preview~! :D

List with names/pictures in the cut v   v

Top Priority:

Lilligant - Type Focus Plush

Bulbasaur - Tomy Best Wishes Plush (Japanese version)

High Priority:

Cubone - San-ei All Stars (released in Nov '16)

Cyndaquil - San-ei All Stars (released Nov '16)

Gengar - TOMY plush

Espeon - Pokemon Center Standing Plush (Japanese Tags) (2012)
I recently ordered the U.S. Espeon, but the rest of my standing Eeveelutions are the Japanese version so if I come across a match for that set that would be nice. :)

Low Priority:

Volcarona - My Pokemon Collection Plush

Scrafty - My Pokemon Collection Plush

Escavalier - My Pokemon Collection Plush

Braviary - My Pokemon Collection Plush and Banpresto UFO Plush
( I like both of these, so either would be fine. )

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